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Vice President Customer Experience

Stoplight, Inc.

Apr 2021 - Jan 2023
  • Managed the customer relations, resource planning, team management, and reporting for the Customer Experience organization which consisted of Customer Support and Customer Success and Renewals.

  • Spearheaded successful efforts to establish organizational structure and processes that would enable Customer Support to scale in line with projected company growth:

    • Introduced and implemented support offerings to align with company pricing plans.

    • Developed consistent metrics to improve measurement of support performance.

    • Improved resolution times through coordinated training and streamlining support workflow.

    • Introduced and implemented standard reporting metrics and goals to allow for visibility across the company. 

    • Implemented KCS (Knowledge Centered Support) methodology to support company movement toward self service for faster assistance by customers.

    • Implemented a successful rollout of a new community platform.

    • Oversaw and assisted with transition from ZenDesk to Service Cloud providing a streamlined flow for customers and the support organization and reducing customer cases by 60% with the implementation of self-service tools, such as a known issues list within the support portal.

    • Collaborated with DevOps team to develop an automated incident/outage process to identify service disruptions, alerting the Support organization, and allow for proactive assistance to customers.

  • Created and developed a Customer Success team to manage renewal and expansion revenue:

    • Developed Customer segmentation strategy and customer journeys

    • Deployed Surveys to determine customer sentiment

    • Acted as a point of contact for escalations

  • Managed customer migration from legacy systems resulting in a 90% customer retention rate.

  • Coordinated and managed on-premise product releases.

  • Developed and led a cohesive global Customer Support team, ensuring consistent, high-quality support aligned to customer expectations.

    • Coordinated an exchange program to send analysts to each support center to work alongside each other; developed a single Process and Procedure manual; coordinated global meetings for each team and its managers; and standardized systems for global implementation.

    • Resulted in 15% decrease in resolution time.

  • Reduced employee turnover by investing in ongoing career development, training, and coaching, which supported employees in later earning promotions to other departments.

    • Partnered with development and SaaS organizations to inform employee training curricula.

  • Collaborated with the SaaS team to develop a process for identifying issues and alerting the Support team, allowing for proactive assistance to customers. 

  • Oversaw and collaborated with several departments to migrate customers servers from a physical data center to a cloud provider. 

  • Oversaw successful rollout of a new community platform and a new contact center solution.

  • Saved the company a total of $500K per year by reducing call volume through automation of tasks.

  • Actively engaged with cross-functional organizations to maintain 95+% customer retention.  

Director, Customer Support Services

Cherwell Software

Jun 2015 - May 2018

  • Implemented 24 x7 support for customers by project managing from end to end, enabling company sales to enterprise-level customers requiring extensive, round-the-clock support.

    • Planned call flow, implemented changes in shift hours, prepared communications and delivered information to customers and teams; completed the project within 6 months.

  • Spearheaded successful efforts to establish organizational structure and processes that would enable teams to scale in line with projected company growth; enabled seamless growth from 20 to 70 people within 3 years.

    • Developed and implemented a manual to align the support team to scalable standard procedures.

    • Ensured proper budget and cost management, remaining under budget on a consistent, yearly basis.

    • Introduced consistent metrics to enable stronger measurement of support performance.

    • Mentored team leaders to maintain focus on meeting and exceeding customer needs.

  • Reduced resolution times by 12.5% per incident by developing and implementing a tiered support structure.

  • Collaborated with the Product team to implement product improvement processes and ensure high profile issues were quickly resolved.

  • Implemented KCS (Knowledge Centered Support) methodology to support company movement toward tier zero and self service for faster assistance by customers.

Director of IT




Mar 2007 - Jun 201

  • Managed IT Department, including all technology aspects, for 19 health clubs across the nation. 

  • Delivered technology and support services for 2500+ associates including hardware, software and network functions which included onboarding new facilities by setting up a new network infrastructure, training and hardware conversions. 

  • Maintained ownership of Network/ IT planning and strategy, IT standards, application and software development, network design, database design and administration, business continuity, technical support, project management, voice/data MPLS network, and telecommunications. 

  • Oversaw all Data Center operations, including business continuity, design and documentation, SAN, data storage, application servers, networks, WAN, security, and support equipment and software.

  • Reduced monthly operation costs by $5K/month, or $60K annually, by migrating data center from collocation site to in-house.

  • Developed and implemented a business continuity solution utilizing replication to a company-owned site, reducing downtime from 6+ hours to 10 minutes, as well as reducing monthly costs.

  • Coordinated planning and supervised performance of staff and resources to assure completion of activities.

  • Led efforts to provide continuous availability and maintenance of systems.

  • Created project plans for reporting periods and coordinated updates with internal stakeholders.

  • Maintained company databases using Microsoft SQL Server and Informix Workgroup. 

  • Developed backup and maintenance processes and ensured adherence to the processes.

  • Managed, monitored and coordinated software releases within Development, QA and deployment teams.

  • Developed customized solutions using SharePoint, specifically utilizing workflows and customized forms.

  • Developed and documented standards, processes, and/or policies for PCI, Technical Support and all IT operations.

Systems Analysis Manager
Holland & Hart LLP
Apr 2005 - Mar 2007
  • Administered the analysis and evaluation of current and projected computer application systems and procedures, as well as the design, implementation and maintenance of revised or new systems. 

  • Managed projects including the rollout of new systems, and developed workflow processes for their rollout and implementation. 

  • Designed, planned and coordinated technical projects, managing project plans and timelines, creating documentation and evaluating project results.

  • Managed a team of Systems Analysts to maintain current firm systems and implement new systems. 

    • Systems included an HR application (iVantage), Accounting application (CMS and ARCS), Time Entry system (DTE) and Document Management system (Worksite).

  • Maintained firm databases using Microsoft SQL Server; developed backup and maintenance processes and ensured adherence to the processes.

  • Led the initiative to set up a firm portal allowing firm employees to disseminate information easily. 

    • Set up, configured and developed the portal utilizing Microsoft Sharepoint technology.

    • Initiated the creation of an employee group to act as Content Managers for different areas within the portal, keeping the information new and refreshed. 

  • Managed upgrade and implementation projects for firm hardware and software, and set up a formal system to track projects to ensure on time delivery. 

  • Mentored less experienced associates for product and application system knowledge.

  • Reported key updates and project status to all relevant stakeholders.

  • Collaborated with external departments as needed on interdepartmental projects.

Supervisor, Technical Support
Holland & Hart LLP
Jun 2002 - Apr 2005
  • Managed the support desk and regional technicians, supporting internal customers in every aspect of technology including hardware, software and networking. 

  • Established support procedures for internal, interdepartmental and customer relations.

  • Managed 10 employees, 5 support desk technicians and 5 off-site technicians across regional offices.

  • Assisted staff in resolving issues within a specified timeframe per Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

  • Acted as third-level support for networking, database and software issues.

  • Developed asset tracking process and procedures for all equipment.

  • Reduced average response time from days to hours by establishing support procedures.

  • Devised and enacted training program, resulting in increased knowledge, quicker and more accurate problem resolution, as well as improved productivity.

  • Developed and implemented technical knowledge base, improving employee access to technical information.

  • Led and completed several projects on time and under budget, working with budgets of up to $100K.

  • Responsible for maintaining Windows 2000 servers and database servers for various applications.

  • Maintained documentation on incoming and resolved issues.

  • Identified opportunities for process improvement and problem elimination, and shared learning opportunities to provide real-time learning to staff as needed.

VP of Customer Service
FrontRange Solutions
Jan 2001 - Feb 2002
  • Demonstrated success in developing best practices for support and services oraganizations. 

  • Collaborated with international offices and partners to understand and define business needs, and identify solutions to business problems. 

  • Owned customer experience KPIs, collaborating with the Executive Leadership team to ensure alignment with company goals.

  • Managed $17M+ in revenue from Maintenance and Support contracts, and managed a budget of over $5M+.

  • Provided vision, direction, and key support to the executive team, evaluating and researching emerging support trends as well as technology that would reduce support costs. 

  • Implemented operational best practices to ensure ongoing improvement of customer experience in order to create value and satisfaction, retention, and growth.

  • Established a high level of service to clients in the delivery of product support. 

  • Worked with Product Development to enhance support, influence product direction and determine software release processes.

  • Leveraged qualitative and quantitative data to increase customer satisfaction.

  • Established a new team responsible for developing best practices in Customer Support and Professional Services in a global capacity.

  • Designed the Global Customer Services team to handle all customer communications including surveys, product launches and changes in support policies. 

  • Developed a global Customer Care team to ensure a single point of contact for all product related issues from international and local customers.

  • Defined new service levels, support contracts and standardized reports to track progress and guide continuous improvements. 

  • Developed online support options that ultimately reduced the cost of support.

  • Led a team of over 70 management and support personnel managing 5 global support centers.

  • Created a Worldwide Customer Services Review board that reviewed and developed support and services policies, shared ideas and unified support organizations.

Systems Analyst
Oct 1999 - Jan 2001
  • Served as a key figure in supporting, creating, developing, and managing internally used systems. 

  • Managed the overall project implementation of each system, including project scheduling, preparing customized training, and scheduling and overseeing hardware, network and software installation.

  • Worked in close partnership with the development team to investigate and analyze product requirements to meet business goals.

  • Designed and implemented company call-tracking system, HEAT. 

  • Maintained company database in SQL Server. 

  • Served as the main point of contact for all technical issues related to the call-tracking system. 

  • Collaborated with development and QA teams to test and implement new corrections and improvements.

  • Analyzed and reviewed business, technical, and functional requirements.

  • Created ASP pages to query a database, allowing remote access to customer information for field personnel.

  • Using Visual Basic and SQL statements, developed the ASP pages to enter information into a database from the on-line order form, and then forward the information to the sales department.

  • Created and implemented a web site for receiving customer orders and processing the orders automatically.

  • Participated in the development of the company intranet site using HTML and JavaScript, as part of a steering committee.

  • Using Visual Basic and SQL, developed an automatic process for comparing data from a partner’s database with the company’s database, which was used to resolve millions of dollars in lost revenue.

  • Developed a contact management database in Visual Basic that accessed a Microsoft Access database.

  • Maintained and programmed the company’s ACD and Multimedia Call Center system, Apropos.

  • Implemented iVantage, the company’s Human Resources system.

    • Customized ASP pages to represent data for HR staff and the employees of the company. 

    • Imported data from JD Edwards system into a SQL Server database.

Product Integrations Manager
GoldMine Software
Jan 1999 - Oct 1999
  • Spearheaded business development, marketing, contract negotiations and training.

  • Implemented full market analysis approach to product integrations providing development with functional specification documents to ensure that product direction was driven by business need.

  • Established support and services procedures for internal, interdepartmental and customer relations.

  • Determined direction for HEAT product line, specifically 3rd party integrations. 

  • Developed a standard for technical documentation that made it easier for customers to setup the integrations.

  • Oversaw the business, contract and marketing related activities and trained internal team on business benefit and technical setup.

  • Determined market needs by specifying and executing research needed to obtain market rights.

  • Defined the nature and scope of present and future product lines.

  • Led major projects, including development phase of integration and testing final products.

  • Managed creation and maintenance of product roadmaps and feature prioritization.

  • Standardized technical documentation facilitating ease of customer setup and integration.

  • Built strategic partnerships with several new vendors, opening new integration possibilities.

Senior Manager, Technology Services 

Bendata Software

Jun 1995 - Dec 1998
  • Manage the customer relations, resource planning, team management and reporting for the support and services organization. Establish support and services procedures for internal, interdepartmental and customer relations.

  • Improved customer satisfaction to over 96% by implementing support boundaries, customer satisfaction surveys and benchmarking practices; increased recurring maintenance renewals to over 94%.

  • Spearheaded the restructure of the Support and Professional Service departments over 2 years, implementing a Technology Services concept that allowed for technicians and consultants to switch roles to reduce burnout and promote job diversity, resulting in fewer turnovers.  Created a vehicle for Support Services to be a determining factor in the overall product and corporate direction.

  • Re-engineered the Support Center by improving training, processes and hiring practices resulting in a reduction in average response time from days to hours enabling Sales to promote a total solution of product and support.

  • Increased Professional Services revenue by more than 40%, contributing $3M to overall revenue goal by creating revenue-generating programs and implementing consulting contracts to ensure payment for services rendered.

  • Implemented certification training program to increase support and services knowledge of all products sold, which lowered resolution times and decreased a new hires time to productivity.

Support Specialist

Bendata Software

Jan 1994 - Jun 1995
  • Delivered technical support by serving as the main point of contact for clients to report problems or direct questions as it related to company developed software. 

  • Managed dissemination of technical product information to company and other technicians.

  • Researched customer issues that related to company products, including integration with various network operating systems and database engines such as Windows, Novell, DOS, Sybase, Microsoft SQL Server, and Oracle.

  • Provided third-level support to internal and external customers.

  • Acted as liaison between Technology Services, Quality Assurance and Development departments. 

General Manager

GS Connection

Jul 1993 - Jan 1994
  • Managed all aspects of the operational procedures of the company, including sales and marketing, budgeting, project tracking and company systems.

  • Coordinated marketing efforts and maintained all accounting records. 

  • Created monthly budgets and P&L statements. 

  • Supervised sales and technical department managers in addition to support staff.  

Technical Supervisor

GS Connection

Jun 1992 - Jul 1993
  • Supervised and trained technical staff, arranged service schedule and managed warehouse inventory.

  • Set up service schedules and ensured technical staff met on time goals.

  • Provided third-level support to technical staff and customers.

  • Maintained company computers and local area network.


GS Connection

Jan 1991 - Jun 1992
  • Provided on-site technical service to company clientele pertaining to IBM PC compatible machines, printers and networks. 

  • Installed and configured Local Area Networks and trained end users with new systems.

  • Assembled, tested and serviced IBM PC compatible machines, printers and networks. 

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